"Of all the seminars I’ve attended, this is one of two that has provided useful information.”
~Langley Air Force Base staff
Let us make your next event the most talked about one ever!
Past Audiences

Find out what audiences are saying about Janice’s seminars.

•Ameriprise Financial Services
• Barnes & Noble
• Brooks Pierce Attorneys & Counsellors
• Cary Academy: Presented “Organizing Students for Success” to parents.
• Chix in Business
• Endeavor Charter School: Presented “Organizing Students for Success” to parents.
• GlaxoSmithKline

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Insight Areas

Developer of the Flexible Structure Method™, Janice Russell has an impressive reputation for helping clients achieve “flow.” “Flow” as Janice calls it, is the blissful state of having an organizational process that supports your life and lifestyle. Janice’s practical and caring approach to organizing is the basis of her high-content live workshops and webinars. While programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each group, presentations fall into one of three main categories: Time, Workplace Productivity, and Residential.

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Meet Janice

Overwhelmed by the “stuff of life?” Janice’s presentations help people transform the chaos in their space or schedule into calmness. Combine a passion for helping others organize their space, papers, electronic documents and time with the gift of communication, and you will find Janice. From her first speech contest in middle school to a six-hour training at a U.S. Air Force Base, she has used real-life examples with a bit of humor to convey practical information.

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