STOP Papers in Their Tracks

Do you know that you can decrease and in some cases stop papers from entering your home?

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A 3×3 Plan to Prepare for Disaster In Your Professional Life

Disasters can happen whether you work for yourself out of a home office or if you have a corner office in a large company-owned building.

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Organize the Influx of Information

Information everywhere with not a single space to spare! One of the most common questions I hear in regards to home organizing is “What do I do with all these papers?” While I wish I had a simple three step answer, I don’t. But I do have solutions for managing the different phases of dealing with papers. In this article, we’ll deal with the first phase which is the influx...
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Five More Causes of Disorganization and How to Lessen Their Impact

As we discussed last month in Five Causes of Disorganization and  How to Counteract Them, there are many different causes of disorganization. Guess what? It’s possible to experience more than one source at a time. 🙂 There are two factors of disorganization that are more temporary than others. One is transitions, such as a move, job change, marriage, divorce, separation, birth or other...
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Five Causes of Disorganization and How to Counteract Them

There are many reasons for disorganization. Sometimes understanding the reason can help increase your ability to get and stay organized.

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